TIMARA Professor Aurie Hsu recently performed at Fata Morgana, a three day festival of music, film screenings, talks, and multimedia performances hosted at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Named after a 1971 Werner Herzog film, the festival featured a wide variety of experimental film screenings and musical performances from pioneering experimental figures, including “cyborg” musician Onyx Ashanti, interdisciplinary artist CandyStations, flutist Margaret Lancaster, and percussionist Scott Deal

Praising the “wonderful synergy” that characterized the weekend’s performances, Hsu noted that she played a different set on each of the three nights. The pieces included CandyStations improvising interactive video. The other sets involved pieces with interactive dance and the EMMI robotic instruments and the premiere of a new collaboration with Steven Kemper for dance, ISIS wings, and amplified, processed motors on a toy harp.