The TIMARA curriculum provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of music technology and media arts. Courses are student-centered and project-driven. From their first semester, students begin building their creative portfolios, situating their work in a broader historical context, and accumulating the technical knowledge and skills required to achieve their creative goals.

A table with a modular synth, various MIDI controllers, and a computer set up in a space for a performance.

The TIMARA curriculum is centered around four core classes. Two classes focus on fixed media composition and studio techniques, and two courses emphasize interactive and performance-based technologies.

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TIMARA Alum Margaret McCarthy playing a Moog synthesizer during a TIMARA class.

In addition to the core curriculum, students complete several courses in advanced topics. These topics rotate each semester and are offered based on faculty expertise and student demand. Read more about our courses.

To complete their major, all Oberlin College and Conservatory students follow an official ‘course grid’ outlining required courses for their declared major. Access the TIMARA grid.