The TIMARA Department recently collaborated with The Firelands Association for the Visual Arts (FAVA) to present two senior recitals by Chris Dahlke and Ivy Fu in the form of immersive multichannel sound and projection installations, featuring interactive electronics.

The recitals were held at FAVA’s location in the New Union Center for the Arts, 39 S. Main Street, Oberlin, OH, and were a testament to the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary creativity. The installations were a result of months of work by Dahlke and Fu, who utilized their skills in music composition and electronic music to create unique soundscapes that were complemented by projections and interactive elements.

Whereas Chris Dahlke’s recital explored topics of memory through filmed footage triggered by activation of a button located in FAVA’s gallery, Ivy Fu’s recital was noteworthy for its inclusion of a gazebo-like structure co-created with Ada Wu. The project is about being in community with other creatives. The interactive structure was activated by performances from several members of the TIMARA community, including Fae Ordaz, Penina Biddle-Gottesman, Eli Rosenkim, Joshua Reiner, and of course, Ivy Fu herself, along with collaborator Maya McCollum. Additional performances including guest artist Amy Zuidema and TIMARA majors Autumn Culp, Oliver Harlan, and TIMARA alum Jack Hamill are scheduled for 8:00pm Sunday, April 30th. You can visit the installation, which continues through May 7th, during FAVA’s exhibition hours Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Indoor Gazebo surrounded by people at Ivy Fu's recital
Audience members activate Gazebo by Ivy Fu and Ada Wu.

The collaboration between the TIMARA Department and FAVA highlights the importance of supporting local arts organizations and the benefits of cross-disciplinary exploration. FAVA’s dedication to enhancing public appreciation and participation in the visual arts aligns with TIMARA’s focus on electronic music and sound art. The recitals presented by Dahlke and Fu showcased the possibilities that emerge when these two disciplines intersect. The department would especially like to thank Tirzah Legg, FAVA’s gallery director, for her support of this collaboration.