On Thursday, February 23, 2023, the TIMARA community held an electrifying concert featuring electroacoustic compositions by TIMARA majors. The event took place at Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin, OH, and ran from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

The program included a range of pieces that showcased the students’ artistic voices, creativity, and enthusiasm. The concert started with TIMARA Updates (2023) by Rachel Yee (’23), a piece that highlighted the whereabouts of TIMARA faculty during her time studying in NYC. The concert proceeded with compositions such as Franco (2020) by Brock Bierly (’24), Traffic (2022) by Leo Seligo (’25), and III Can’t Lose (2023) by Sage Liem (’24).

The program also featured pieces such as Melpomene: Muse of Tragedy (2023) by Fae Ordaz (’28), which included both stereo fixed audio and video shot in Dixon, NM. Additionally, the concert included An Intergalactic Paradise (2023) by Athena Woodfin (’23), a composition that took the audience on an exploration through space using analog synthesis and audio processing. The concert concluded with Fable upon Ununified Ground (2023) by The Turth and a fish, a fixed media and sound installation created by Ivy Fu (’23) and Maya McCollum (’23).

As always, Electrophonics was a fantastic showcase of the TIMARA community’s talent, creativity, and passion for music and technology. The event was a resounding success, with a large and supportive audience. TIMARA faculty Tom Lopez, expressed his delight at seeing the community resurging after the COVID shutdown, adding that the pieces presented were fabulous. The event was an excellent opportunity for the students to present their work and gain valuable performance and event production experience, and we look forward to seeing more from our talented students in the future.