On October 25th, the TIMARA department hosted the first Electrophonics of the year at the Cat in the Cream, where TIMARA majors and minors showcased their sound and video work. Students featured at this departmental concert included Athena Woodfin, Gabe Baskin, Phillip Chao, Kayla Shomar-Corbett, Leo Seligo, Ben Hochster, Oliver Harlan, and Orson Abram. A second Electrophonics is scheduled for December 1st in Stull Hall, featuring more student works.

Tuesday’s program featured six fixed media works as well as two pieces with sound and video. Fourth-year TIMARA minor Athena Woodfin opened the concert with Trickling, an exploration of interlocking rhythmic patterns. Gabe Baskin played split three ways, a piece which premiered in his recital last spring. The program continued with Phillip Chao’s driving, frenetic CENTIPEDE, and Kayla Shomar-Corbett’s experimentation with songwriting and electronics. Next was an etude by second-year Leo Seligo featuring skittery beats made from processed recordings of classical percussion instruments, followed by Ben Hochster’s song Light Changes. The program concluded with two audiovisual works by first-year Oliver Harlan and third-year Orson Abram.

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