This Tuesday, TIMARA will hold a student recital in The Birenbaum at 8:00 PM. The concert is free and will feature works by six students (Claudia Hinsdale, Jack Hamill, Drew Smith, Daniel Markus, Sophie Shalit, and Piper Hill). 

Hinsdale, a second year, will premiere a new composition entitled Phase Canon which draws inspiration from 15th century vocal works. Describing the piece, she explains that “live input processing and improvisational percussion contextualize and create a narrative for the predetermined structure of a 36 voice canon from the 15th century.” The piece will feature performances from percussionist Jeremy McCabe and alto saxophonist Noah Hellman. 

Second year Drew Smith will also premiere a new piece, entitled Axiomatics. Describing the piece’s inspiration, Smith explains “I wrote the code for the electronics in the program Supercollider, which contains both synthesized material that is triggered by the saxophonist, as well as live processing (running the saxophone to a set of guitar pedals and through a guitar amp). . . I’ve been really interested by the idea of speakers as instruments in electronic music, so having a speaker that’s disconnected from the rest of the electronics with totally different sets of processing parameters was something I wanted to explore.” The piece will feature Gabe Heinemann on alto saxophone. – JA