TIMARA majors participate in diverse, eclectic ensembles for credit and for fun. Majors can choose to join one of the many faculty-organized ensembles – Oberlin Improvisation and NewMusic Collective (OINC), Silent Film Ensemble, Oberlin Synthesizer Ensemble, Creative Music Lab — or they can make their own!

Oberlin Improvisation and NewMusic Collective (OINC)

The Oberlin Improvisation and Newmusic Collective (OINC) is an ensemble devoted to experimental, improvised music using invented and traditional instruments, found sound, and electronics. OINC performs at least once during the second half of the semester. Notable performances include appearances at The Syndicate (Cleveland), Studio B at WOBC, and The Birenbaum. OINC was formed in 2008 by Per Bloland. Previous directors include Lyn Goeringer and Joo Won Park. The current director is Associate Professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts, Aurie Hsu.

Silent Film Ensemble

Directed by Professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts, Tom Lopez, the Silent Film Ensemble affords students an opportunity to experiment with multimodal improvisation, composition, and collaboration.

Oberlin Synthesizer Ensemble

Members of TIMARA’s Oberlin Synthesizer Ensemble share a passion for performing on and improvising with the department’s extensive collection of vintage and contemporary synthesizers. OSE is directed by Professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts, Tom Lopez.

Creative Music Lab

Directed by Associate Professor of Contemporary Music and Improvisation Dana Jessen, the Oberlin Creative Music Lab is an ensemble of acoustic and electronic musicians that specializes in contemporary, open-form, and guided improvisation while performing new and existing works written for creative music ensemble.