A classroom by day, the TIMARA Performance Technology Lab is regularly transformed by students creating sound art installations or presenting their junior or senior recital. It is a wonderful space to test out a new idea, to present a project, to rehearse, and to document work.

View of the gallery from low to the ground, picturing the teaching station, ikea shelving, the door, pedestals, tables, a whiteboard, and TV.

The recent addition of a theatrical light and sound grid has unlocked new creative potential for the space.

A view of the gallery from the opposite corner, showing the ceiling grid with projectors, speakers, and work lights.

Shortly after the Performance Technology Lab reopened, TIMARA and studio art double degree student Maya McCollum presented her TIMARA junior recital: Woven Topographies.

A picture of Maya McCollum's junior recital, a multimedia installation called 'Woven Topographies,' featuring a custom interactive fiber art and mixed media sculpture with projection mapping, collage, sound, and light.
Photo of Woven Topographies, by Maya McCollum, courtesy of Maya McCollum.

The piece made use of the grid for hanging sculptural and decorative elements, as well as for projection mapping and lighting.

Maya also chose the Performance Technology Lab for this installation because she was able to take plenty of time to install her work over the course of several weeks.

Close up of Maya McCollum's Woven Topographies, depicting an interactive loom with woven contact microphones that audience members can play with their hands.
Photo of Woven Topographies, by Maya McCollum, courtesy of Maya McCollum.

We recently installed a lighting grid, wraparound curtain and green screen to accommodate an even broader range of creative endeavors.