Oberlin Conservatory and the Division of Contemporary Music are honored to host renowned composer, George Lewis, for the week of October 3-10. Lewis is currently Professor of American Music at Columbia University. A much-abridged list of past achievements includes a MacArthur Fellowship and USA Walker Fellow award; teaching positions at the Art Institute of Chicago, Mills College, and UC San Diego; and works presented by Ensemble Erik Satie and IRCAM, to name but a few. Lewis has been a constant supporter of new music through his work with the AACM, as well as an active participant in the exploration of new improvisational and compositional techniques. 

During his stay on campus, Lewis will hosting a number of events – including seminars, masterclasses, and rehearsals – look here for his schedule. We look forward to a second week with George Lewis in May, 2014, details will be posted closer to his return to campus. – KD