We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our department: Heather Mease, an accomplished composer, electronic musician, and multimedia artist. Heather’s diverse and innovative approach to music promises to infuse fresh perspectives into our creative community.

Heather Mease’s artistic journey traverses the intersections of electronic and acoustic instruments, blending them to create captivating compositions. Her work spans remix as composition and sampling to the convergence of early and contemporary music. Her work delves into the intricate textures of media and nostalgia, and her artistic explorations are multidisciplinary and multimodal, making her a wonderful addition to our creative community. 

In addition to her musical expertise, Heather is a dedicated host of “Near Country,” a program on Noods Radio that delves into the radical elements of country music. Through “Semibegun,” her biweekly show on Repeater Radio, she expands our understanding of early musics, showcasing her commitment to investigating broad and diverse musical media. 

Beyond her artistic pursuits, lHeather enjoys gaming. Titles like “Slay the Spire,” “Dicey Dungeons,” and the Kirby series offer her an avenue for relaxation and inspiration.  No doubt, Heather will fit right in — asked for a fun fact, she suggested: ”Heather would rather be playing her Switch than whatever she’s doing right now.”

As Heather Mease joins us as a Visiting Assistant Professor for AY 2023-24, we extend a warm welcome to her!  We eagerly anticipate the collaborations, insights, and creative dialogues that she will undoubtedly bring to our community.

Here’s to an enriching journey ahead with Heather Mease in the TIMARA department!