The TIMARA Department is excited to announce the upcoming Sonic Arts Workshop (SAW) for summer 2023, which will take place from July 16-22. This electronic music workshop has been a staple offering for many decades, and this year, we are thrilled to showcase our recent facility upgrades, including a performance arts technology space featuring multichannel sound and a full theatrical lighting grid.

SAW is an immersive program dedicated to high school students aged 15 years and older who want to explore the world of electroacoustic music. Our program provides a broad exposure to the technical and creative resources of the field, covering topics such as field recording, real-time techniques, audio processing, and electronic music repertoire. SAW is an excellent fit for students interested in pursuing conservatory studies, as well as those who want to experiment with electronic and computer music. Financial aid is available, and you can find more information, including the application, here.