Michael Klingbeil is a composer and software designer/developer. He is a 1996 graduate of Oberlin with degrees in Computer Science and TIMARA, and he currently teaches composition, orchestration, and music technology in the Department of Music at Yale. His compositions and research have been presented throughout the US and Europe. Michael will present a talk called “Spectral Design,” which will be an equal mix of topics from computer science and music. He will focus on both music and technical examples using the Scheme programming language and referencing his own software, SPEAR, which is a unique tool for sound-based spectral analysis and editing. The lecture is free and open to the public: 4:30pm on Thursday, September 5 in TIMARA Studio 2. Special thanks to the Alumni Association for their support of this lecture. 

In addition to his lecture, Michael will be on campus to oversee the recording of his new piece, “Vers la courbe.” Michael’s piece is one of eight to be recorded this month for an album of new works for piano and electronics, featuring Tom Rosenkranz ’99 on piano.