Between teaching lessons and composing spatial audio, visiting professor Eli Stine is juggling several cutting edge collaborations this semester. The Republic of Dreams is an audio-visual experience centered around the text of Polish author Bruno Schulz, sponsored by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. The initial phase of the project, including sonic experiences, a video, and a beautiful map illustrated by Polish illustrator Marta Lissowska, can be viewed online here. The next phase of the project, in progress and slated for completion in 2022, involves creating a gallery installation that will include a virtual reality experience, lounges to listen and sleep on, a goodie bag with sleep mask and ear plugs, and much more.

A second collaboration, The Infinite Library, is fully in virtual reality. Created in partnership with the Goethe Institute and two production teams, Daisy with Rider Productions and the Berlin based High Road Stories, The Infinite Library focuses on non-textual and decolonizing methods of exploring information. For example, telling the story of books through colorful and intricate illuminated manuscripts and the sound of book pages, or a particular place in the world via visual and sonic experiences of its indigenous flora and fauna. The project, scheduled to be released in 2023, will also link users around the world at different Goethe Institutes. The Infinite Library team includes the talents of Oberlin Conservatory Composition graduate, composer Ryan Lester ’11, and Oberlin College graduate, director Mika Johnson ’00. Stine is the sound designer for both projects.