With the flowers blooming and spring finally here, recital season is now upon us. What does a recital look like in the middle of a pandemic? In some ways, it is no different: the creativity and diversity that we have come to expect from TIMARA majors’ is on full display in this year’s lineup. Our majors have cooked up an incredible assortment of livestream events, album releases, and installations to rival any recital season. 

The installations represent the only in-person events and these have all the necessary precautions: reservation systems, no outside community members, and masking, distancing, and cleaning protocols are in full effect.

For their recital, senior TIMARA major Hannah Sandoz is presenting “Spatial Anxieties.” Of their recital, Sandoz says: “This senior recital reflects on my internal struggle in navigating external obstacles. Spatial Anxieties is a 4-channel interactive installation that sonically replicates these experiences.” 

Weather permitting, Sandoz’s installation will take place in person in front of Hall Auditorium on May 2nd at 1pm. For more details, check out the Facebook event here.

Double degree student Sophie Shalit has a two-part senior recital, including an installation on April 15 and a performance late in the afternoon on May 2. Created in collaboration with 5th-year TIMARA major and double degree student Will Bertrand, the April 15 installation “Like a Circle Round the Sun” is a collaborative audio-visual installation combining shot footage, watercolor animation, sculpture, and multichannel sound. Like a Circle Round the Sun is about searching for stillness in the constant passage of time.

Shalit described their experience collaborating with Bertrand and preparing for this installation in the midst of a global pandemic: “We’ve worked really hard to make sure this recital could happen in person during covid – along with the already stressful artistic work and preparation, we’ve scheduled and rescheduled this event multiple times between several different campus buildings and organizations, and done a few different runs of the content in the meantime.”

Shalit’s second event — a performance blending different musical styles alongside sounds the natural environment — will be presented outdoors in person and streamed via Facebook live. 

For more information about these and other upcoming events, please see the TIMARA events calendar.