TIMARA is the new home for some awesome analog gear. Reed Hays (’90) donated an Analogue Systems TH48 sequencer (16×3), a Milton 16×4 sequencer, and a Buchla Model 258 dual oscillator. These units are wonderful complements to the original Buchla synth (combination of 100 and 200 modules) pictured below. TIMARA alums may be excited to hear that current students are very passionate about analog synthesis. Our collection of early equipment receives a lot of loving attention and regularly appears in student work and even on stage. More news about analog synths will follow soon.

Sequencer and Oscillator on top of the Buchla synth

Hey there alums, if you uncover old equipment from the back of your garage or bottom of your closet, keep TIMARA in mind. Our students are ravenous for technology and we would be thrilled to add your old gear to our collection!