Looking for a campus gig? Look no further! TIMARA offers several forms of student employment, open to majors and non-majors alike. The studios themselves are supported by a dedicated team of student workers who help run our depot, our makerspace, and our studios. Students gain real-life skills in music technology, familiarity with our extensive gear repository, and practice their troubleshooting skills. In turn, we help students think about how they can apply these skills on the job market to build a career in music technology studio management.

Maya McCollum holding a clear rectangle of plexiglass with four affixed circular magnets.
Maya McCollum, Crafting Sound Lab member, inspects the beginnings of a project prototype in the TIMARA makerspace.

If you are looking for an opportunity to engage in collaborative, highly interdisciplinary, hands-on work or are curious about how music technology and related arts might be applied in community-engaged art, TIMARA’s undergraduate research group, the Crafting Sound Lab (CSL) might be a great opportunity for you. The CSL brings together students with a passion for making to contribute to many ongoing research projects. Students gain practical and creative research skills that they often use subsequently in their own creative practice.