On October 1st, media artist Eunsu Kang will visit Technical Director and Lecturer Abby Aresty’s TECH 350 class: Workshop in Media and Music Technology. Kang is Special Faculty at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, focusing on Machine Learning and Art. A three-time recipient of the Korean National Grant for Arts, she has presented research at ACM, ICMC, and ISEA. Her work, which focuses on “audiovisual spaces that interact with people,” has received praise internationally for its “seamless integration of arts disciplines and innovative techniques” (University of Akron Ohio). 

Last September, Kang’s solo exhibition “FACE” was shown at Youngstown State University. The installation featured machine learning neural networks which generated a series of faces after studying 200,000 real human faces. Described as “gorgeously diverse and intriguingly unique” by the Carnegie Mellon University School of Art, the project is just one example of the wide breadth of work created during her career. 

Kang’s TECH 350 visit will be at 7 PM on October 1st in the TIMARA recording studio. The class is open to anyone who wishes to attend. While at Oberlin, she will also visit Professor Cynthia Taylor’s CSCI 313 class: Human Computer Interface. – JA