This summer, from June 23-30, TIMARA professors Tom Lopez and Peter Swendsen will co-direct Oberlin’s annual Sonic Arts Workshop (SAW), a summer program that focuses on the composition of electroacoustic music and is geared toward high school students interested in expanding their technical and creative resources. Topics will include field recording, digital audio editing and manipulation, real-time computer music performance techniques, and discussion of pieces from the field’s growing repertoire. The program will cover issues of interest to young composers heading toward conservatory studies, and also non-musicians who are interested in experimenting with electronic and computer music. 

Workshops will primarily focus on students’ original creative work, and faculty and participants will regularly listen to student works in progress to share reactions, suggestions, and feedback. The workshop will conclude with an informal concert to present final works to the public. To apply for this exciting opportunity, please submit an application by April 10, 2013.