Sonic Arts Workshop (SAW)

The program will cover issues of interest to advanced current high school composers, who have not yet graduated, heading toward conservatory studies and those generally interested in experimenting with electroacoustic music production and its intersections with other disciplines. Students have an opportunity to focus on the composition of electroacoustic music and expand their technical and creative resources during the Workshop.

Topics will include digital audio editing and manipulation, real-time computer music performance techniques, and discussion of pieces from the field’s growing repertoire.

Interested in applying? Learn more about SAW.

In a dark room with theatrical lighting, GEAR girls crowd around a computer to code.
GEAR girls coding in Scratch. Photo Credit: Cait Boblitt

Girls Electronic Arts Retreat (GEAR)

The Girls Electronic Arts Retreat (GEAR) is a 5-day day camp for 3rd to 5th grade girls that fosters curiosity, creativity, and confidence through playful, collaborative projects that integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. 

GEAR is housed in the newly renovated Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA) studios at Oberlin Conservatory. GEAR has been made possible by generous funding from the Oberlin College and Conservatory’s grants office, the TIMARA Department at Oberlin Conservatory, and the Bill Long Foundation.

GEAR is supported by a dedicated interdisciplinary team of student research assistants and student teachers who are passionate about music technology and about diversifying the field. Learn more about GEAR.