The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has left academic institutions across the world grappling with extraordinary challenges, and the TIMARA department is no exception. Transitioning from in-studio classes to remote learning presented a unique dilemma, given the amount of analog hardware and studio-specific gear used by TIMARA students. However, the resilience and ingenuity of our faculty and students ultimately allowed classes to be carried out through the duration of the Spring 2020 semester.

This rapid shift to online learning could not have taken place without the immense generosity of the various companies who make software utilized across TIMARA’s coursework. TIMARA Technical Director and Lecturer Abby Aresty wrote The entire TIMARA community is incredibly grateful to these companies for helping us provide tools for our students to continue their studies remotely during these unprecedented times. In recognition of their contributions, some TIMARA students have voiced thanks.

Max/MSP is a visual programming language maintained by Cycling ’74. It is the subject of an entire TIMARA class required for majors (TECH 202) and a mainstay for projects and recitals across the department. Rising junior Claire O’Brocta said “I am extremely grateful for the free licenses provided by Cycling ’74. Max was vital in helping me complete one of my TIMARA final projects, a patch that uses motion tracking to trigger sound and images. Completion of my project wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity.”

Isadora is a graphic programming environment created by Troikatronix. It is widely used amongst students for visual works. Cait Boblitt, rising junior, noted that “Being able to continue using and learning Isadora at home has been absolutely wonderful. A big project I’m working on is largely based in it and without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to keep working on it and develop my love for the program. Leaving campus and the studios behind was difficult, but thanks to you guys, we were able to have access to something important to us and the ability to keep furthering our work.”

ProTools is a digital audio workstation created by Avid, one which holds an informal distinction of being the “industry standard” for software of its kind. A great deal of compositional work for electroacoustic music takes place on ProTools across several TIMARA classes. 2020 graduate Kayla Reagan wrote that “Having access to Pro Tools this semester has been such a huge help. I was able to complete my undergraduate studies because of the generosity of Avid. I couldn’t have done it without this software! Thank you for fostering learning!”