This Wednesday at 10 PM, a StudiOC production entitled Some Things Cosmic Are These will be performed in Warner Main Space. Created by the thirteen students who took “Mixed Media Collaborations” (TECH 360 taught by Tom Lopez) and “Somatic Approaches to Conflict Resolution” (DANC 347 taught by Holly Handman-Lopez), the upcoming performance is the culmination of a semester in which the students collaborated on new works across a wide range of artistic disciplines. 

Second-year TIMARA student Claudia Hinsdale explained that in the class, “a group of artists – music, dance, writing, circus arts, theater, etc – collaborated on work, and learned how to resolve conflicts inside and outside of this work creatively. We all got a chance to work in various group sizes, time frames, and under many leadership structures. Over the course of the semester, we have all created a massive amount of material that has taken many different shapes.”

Piper Hill, a fifth-year TIMARA student noted that “This StudiOC class has catalyzed a huge shift in my creative process…all art is collaboration whether we’re actively thinking about everyone who’s helped us make what we make. Being forced to work together to churn out a ton of work with very quick turnaround has been very liberating. I now feel really great about making art with my friends. I am now able to make faster creative decisions, because worrying about whether it will be the right choice or not is not super productive.”

Regarding the performance, Hill stated “I don’t want to say too much, but I will say that I’ve gotten the chance to design lighting and sound, compose, act, sing, play guitar, perform choreographed movements, wear a fancy vest, and be a part of something absolutely magical! Come see me get sculpted from silk, perform in a mediocre rock band, and ride a bus. Watch as we thirteen humans and beings alter the fate of the cosmos!”

Some Things Cosmic Are These is a free event, but seating is limited. The show begins at 10 PM in Warner Main Space this Wednesday. – JA