Oberlin College’s Winter Term encourages students to explore unconventional learning experiences. This January, the TIMARA department is offering our students two unique opportunities: one in Berlin, Germany and another at Hidden Valley Institute of the Arts in Carmel Valley, California.

In Berlin, Professor Tom Lopez is currently on the ground leading a group of students who are exploring electronic music at the Catalyst Music Studios of the Institute for Creative Arts andTechnology, housed in the infamous Funkhaus building from former East Germany. TIMARA alums Ben Bacon and Peter Blasser, and other faculty at the Institute, are teaching workshops in a variety of topics including synthesis, electronic music, and performance technology. Our creative work will culminate in a concert at the Arkaoda on January 24! They will also share their work back in Oberlin in a concert in Stull Hall to be held the evening of February 4th.

Meanwhile, in Hidden Valley, faculty members Aurie Hsu and Steven Kemper will soon be guiding students through a fusion of music and dance. With collaborators from the Carmel Dance Festival, students engage in cross-disciplinary workshops and movement sessions, drawing inspiration from the stunning natural surroundings. They prepare for a final performance embodying their interdisciplinary journey.

Oberlin’s Winter Term is a testament to holistic education, allowing students to pursue passions and venture into new territories. These TIMARA-led projects epitomize this spirit, providing spaces for creative exploration and transformative learning.
Winter Term is more than a break; it’s an opportunity for personal and intellectual growth. The TIMARA projects exemplify this, enabling students to cultivate skills, ignite passions, and foster connections that resonate throughout their academic journey and beyond. Stay tuned for future features on these remarkable endeavors.