It’s that time of year again, when the TIMARA recital season is in full swing at Oberlin College. The TIMARA program is one of the most unique and innovative music programs in the nation, offering students the opportunity to explore the intersections of music, technology, and art through hands-on experimentation and creation.

This year’s recital season kicked off with Claire O’Brocta’s senior recital at the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse. O’Brocta’s recital was a composition showcase that took the audience on a journey through an ominous computer game, complete with a menacing virtual voice and a sense of foreboding. The performance was a testament to the creativity and technical prowess of the TIMARA students, who are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with music and technology.

The recital season continued with Julia Collins’ junior recital, which doubled as a senior dance showcase. The showcase also featured work by composers Alim Wilkins and Jerry Achtermann, and pieces directed by senior dance majors Alana Brunette, Nina DiValentin and Emma Hart. The event was held in the Warner Center. The recital was a stunning display of both musical and dance talent, showcasing the diverse range of skills and interests among TIMARA students.

Upcoming recitals include Orson Abram’s junior TIMARA and percussion recital in the Birenbaum, Gabriel Baskin’s listening session in the TIMARA recording studio, and Rachel Yee’s senior recital in Wilder Main. TIMARA senior Chris Dahlke and fifth-year Ivy Fu will host separate events in the Firelands Association for the Visual Arts (FAVA), a local arts organization while Ben Hochster, and Sage Liem will stage their performances close to home in the TIMARA Gallery.The recital season will conclude with Brock Bierly’s junior performance in Wilder 101 on April 23.

TIMARA’s recital season is a wonderful opportunity to see the incredible work being done by our talented and innovative students. Whether you’re a music lover, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious about what the future of music might look like, these events are not to be missed. So mark your calendars and come experience the cutting edge of music and technology at Oberlin College’s TIMARA recital season.