Eli Stine ’13 was awarded a national prize for “Best Composition by an Undergraduate Student” at the 2011 national conference of the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the US (SEAMUS). This is the fourth time the prize has been awarded, and three of the past recipients have been Oberlin students. Stine’s winning piece, “Moments,” is described in its program notes as “a grouping of diverse textures, held together by their similarities and differences, each contributing to the overall trajectory of their collective form. Pitch develops from noise and the sound of the human voice evolves as these auditory moments circulate against one another.” Stine’s interests include electronic instrument creation, electronic and acoustic composition for concert and dance, and film sound design. He currently studies with Associate Professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts Tom Lopez in the TIMARA department, and will be studying with Professor of Composition Lewis Nielson as a Composition minor. More information and works by Stine can be found on his website: elistine.com.