Last semester, Oberlin collaborated with the Cleveland Public Theater to offer students the chance to enroll in the Oasis Program. The OASIS Program was an arts-intensive semester of interdisciplinary study, followed by a full-time, collaborative Winter Term project, which culminated in 8 performances of original work by Oberlin faculty and students at the Cleveland Public Theater. 

The faculty members involved were Tom Lopez of the TIMARA Department, Carter McAdams and Nusha Martynuk of the Dance Department, and Rian Brown and Geoff Pingree of the Cinema Studies Department. Guest artists and lecturers from the Cleveland Public Theater were also involved with teaching the classes. Several TIMARA students enrolled, including Charles Glanders, Sam Fisher, Kaeli Mogg, and Noah Chevan, in addition to other students from various arts. The production received rave reviews, including this one from Cleveland’s Scene Magazine. – MC