This fall semester, TIMARA is very pleased to welcome visiting teacher of TIMARA Aaron Dilloway to the department. A longtime friend of the department, fellow Oberlinian, and proprietor of Oberlin’s own Hanson Record store, Dilloway is an improviser and performer who works with 1/4″ tape loops in 8-track cartridges as well as other obsolete electronic equipment. In his performance-based practice, he manipulates magnetic tape in real-time by feeding the loops sounds from his body, everyday objects, electronic sources, prepared tapes, field recordings, as well as the occasional actual instrument. Since 1994 he has run Hanson Records, a record label, mail-order service, and brick and mortar record store. In 1998 with instrument builder Nate Young he co-founded the industrial noise group Wolf Eyes, recording and touring extensively with them until leaving the band in 2005. Since then, he has performed at numerous international festivals including Tusk Festival (GB), Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival (CH), CTE Festival (DE), San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (US) and been resident artist at Wave Farm (US), INA-GRM (FR), and Cafe Oto (GB). Dilloway is an avid collaborator working alongside many artists and musicians including Lucrecia Dalt, C. Lavender, Genesis P-Orridge, Victoria Shen, Robert Turman, John Wiese, and most recently with Kim Gordon and Bill Nace in Body/Dilloway/Head. 

Aaron is starting out the semester with a pretty spectacular project: he is currently working with the Wave Farm and The John Cage Trust in staging a performance of John Cage’s Rozart Mix at Bard College. Originally composed and premiered at Brandeis University in 1965, the entirety of the score for Rozart Mix consists of written correspondence between composers Alvin Lucier and John Cage regarding the premiere. The piece is written for magnetic tape and the tapes may contain any material, varying in length. The performance begins when the audience enters the space and concludes when the last audience member exits. (John Cage Trust). 

On October 23, 2021, from 12 – 6 pm, in collaboration with tape players including Rosie Actor-Engel, Twig Harper, C. Lavender, Quintron, Robert Turman, and John Wiese, Aaron Dilloway will mount this installation at the John Cage Trust. Featuring a minimum of 88 tape loops and 12 reel-to-reel decks positioned in various rooms and on different floors of the John Cage Trust building. According to the organizers, in this iteration of Cage’s work, “sound materials will be sourced from the over 100 volunteer programmers who contribute programming on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM. This event serves as a culminating celebration of WGXC’s 10th Anniversary year.”

Learn more about the project on the Wave Farm’s Events Calendar and check out Aaron’s music at his bandcamp site: