The end of every semester brings with it a flurry of creative activity. This December is no different. In addition to two upcoming senior TIMARA recitals and end-of-semester class concerts for Silent Film Ensemble, Sensor-Based Musical Instruments, and more, the TIMARA Department recently hosted an Electrophonics Concert at Stull Recital Hall on December 1, 2023. The evening showcased a fusion of traditional instruments and electronic compositions, offering a diverse and experimental musical experience.

The concert featured a range of performances including Orson Abram’s compelling snare drum solo in “piece for snare drum and performer” which set an engaging tone for the evening. Compositions like Phillip Chao’s “uoy2esolc” and Matthew Cummings’ Eurobeat Remix of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom” introduced the audience to innovative stereo fixed audio experiences. Julia Collins and Cashel Day-Lewis’ zeta violin duet in “Ruminations” captivated the crowd with its blend of tradition and modernity. The lineup also included experimental pieces by Leo Seligo, Ben Hochster, Rosalie Coleman, Orbis Tertius (Brock Bierly and Wiley Martinez), and live performances by Sage Liem, Penina Biddle-Gottesman, and Oliver Harlan, each contributing to the diverse sonic landscape of the evening.

The Electrophonics Concert showcased the innovative spirit and boundary-pushing creativity of the TIMARA Department, offering an evening filled with experimental compositions and unique musical collaborations.