On October 12th, TIMARA Technical Director and Lecturer Abby Aresty will lead the creation of an installation entitled What I Didn’t Say. The collaborative sound installation is part of the Crafting Sound: Hidden Voices workshop for non-binary individuals and women in cisman-dominated STEAM fields. This event was created by Oberlin’s Center for Learning, Education and Research (CLEAR) and the TIMARA department. 

What I Didn’t Say will consistent of a series of cards arranged on a single collective paper quilt. Each card will have an individual electromagnet made out of copper tape with a small recording and playback module. With the module, participants will record responses to the prompt “When x, what I didn’t say was…” The final paper quilt will be hung in a quiet public space. 

Aresty explains that “the installation puts the onus on visitors to seek out and actively listen to the experiences and thoughts of women in STEAM. Installation visitors are given equipment that allows them to find and hear the participants’ recordings – entirely inaudible to the naked ear – transmitted through electromagnetic waves.” 

The Hidden Voices workshop will take place October 12th from 4:30 – 7:30 PM in the Science Library. All non-binary and women students, faculty and employees working in cisman-dominated fields are welcome. The event includes free food, a panel and facilitated discussion, and a DIY electronics workshop. RSVP here. – JA